Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tamara Tutu

Out of this world beauty and a down to earth, charming personality to match...that's the overall impression the B.W.A team got from the adorable Tamara 'Tamtot' Tutu. The Voodoo lounge once again played host to the chat B.W.A had with Tara, that's the name her friends call her by. We at B.W.A gave her a nickname of our own...'Tiara'...befitting a princess such as herself. The 19 year old Tiara comes from East London, she is currently doing her second year in Psychology at the University of Fort-hare and aspires to become a clinical psychologist one day. When we asked her how she thought her friends perceived her, she said they think she's a bit of a 'diva' sometimes,"Uhm most of my friends think I'm dramatic(giggles), they say that I can be a little too much sometimes, but overall I'm fun, I'm outgoing and I like conversing with people" confessed Tamara. She doesn't have any 'sporty' hobbies so she likes being with her friends, watching movies and going out. She does go out clubbing and she likes places that have a great vibe so you could find this angel ekasi just as long as there are lots of people that she knows and she feels safe,"There must be lots of people that I know so that when I get into trouble I'll be like 'hey there buddy, woza laa'" Tiara told us with giggles in between. This angel doesn't drink alcohol though, she just goes out to have fun and dance with her friends,"I just get a coke or an energy drink and dance with my girls". In ten years time Tamara sees herself married with three children having a stable career somewhere in psychology, "I sometimes see myself somewhere in the media world but then I think arggg.."...we reckon with such overwhelming beauty and her brains, she could go far in media, don't you reckon? We then went on to talk about the husband,"He must be taller than I am, a few years older than me maybe 5 or so and he must be respectful, kind,loving and to just be a great guy" Tiara told us,"he must be just someone I can relate with, i can vibe with and there should not be too many fights between us". She went on to tell us that she isn't to looks at all, if the guy happens to have looks then that's just a bonus but if she were to go for looks she'd want someone tall, light complexion,"I want my babies too be beautiful!" she added, laughing it off. Her message for the bloggers was simple and straight forward,"What's important is being yourself, as soon as you start realizing that you are unique, you are special, you are different and accept your differences, you will be a better person and you'll be at peace with yourself and the world". Everyone one on the B.W.A rating panel gave Tiara over 5 stars out of far so B.W.A gives Tiara a well deserved 6 stars out of 5!! Feel free to give your comments and ratings

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