Friday, 22 November 2013

Sivenathi Sitinga

Fresh to Death with a bubbly, charming nature!! That's the impression we got from the adorable Sive. The Voodoo lounge once again hosted the B.W.A conversation with the street smart, kasi lady. UmaMjwarha lo comes from Zphunzane loc, a kasi on the out skirts of East London. She is currently studying marketing at W.S.U, doing her second year, and she stays in East London. Her bubbly personality was strongly felt throughout the interview,"Ndingu Sivenathi Sitinga ONDWEBILEYO, I'm very talkative, I love travelling and I love having a good time. I have a crazy personality and it even shows in the way I dress sometimes. I'm the type of girl that when in the mood, I just rock a bra and a skirt the whole day and go wherever I want to go" Sive confessed. "I have reduced my partying ways a lot this year though I must admit, but otherwise there's nothing that I enjoyed like a good party. My scenes were Mnguni's, Turnbull and Rhythm Devine". We then went to talk about her future aspirations and where she sees herself in the future..."I really don't know what exactly I'll be doing in ten years but what I know is that I'll be successful. I'll be living in my own house with no husband, no children and driving my own car, the car will be the latest Audi obviously" said Sive. "I will eventually get married but not in the near future though". When we discussed the husband, she said she wants a tall, thin guy whose average skin color in complexion, he must be able to sing but not be able to dance,"I don't want any ladies who will fancy him on the dance floor kalok". The boyfriend must have similar characteristics as the husband but she added that he must be a smart dresser who is hairy,"He must have that manliness in him and sense of pride, he mustn't be a push over!" Sive added with a charming grin on her face. On cheating she believes that a guy can do what he wants to do on the side, as long as she never finds out. She doesn't believe cheating is a good thing though. Her final words for the bloggers were,"Know yourself and where you're headed. know that whatever decisions you make now will affect you in the future. If you booze and have casual sex all the time, you will have AIDS" The B.WA team gives Sive 3 stars out of 5...Feel free to give your comments and ratings.

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