Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sange Bom

World, meet Sangesokunene Siphuvuyo Bom!! I'm sure you'd agree with me that just like her long name, she too has never ending beauty.

The VooDoo lounge was  once again kind enough to host BWA and this time around, we were interviewing the talkative and crazy, yet down-to-earth Sange, and what a fun interview it was!

"My name means 'to kiss the right hand'," she explained "and my other name means 'Joy'," she went on. I'm pretty sure that the guys are still fascinated by her first name though, wanting to be the ones to fulfill its meaning.

At this stage, we weren't sure about her claim of being talkative but it was only a minute later that it got confirmed. I don't know when the conversation went on to the topic of food but Sange gave me a mouthful on that one. "I eat a lot, more than you do. Ask me what I ate this morning.." she said, intimidatingly staring right into my eyes.

I didn't even have to ask her before she carried on.. " I had eight slices of bread, cereal and a hot beverage," she told me with a sense of pride. Amazed? Wait till you here her high school meals...

"In high school I'd eat a large pack of hot chips, a loaf of bread and a yogurt to sooth it all down," she said and it was confirmed, Sange is talkative and will never let your money go to waste on a date.

This 19 year old journalism student resides in Amalinda and is a sporting fanatic, playing most of the sporting codes available in her former highschool, Cambridge, including water-polo. "I haven't played sport in while though. Besides jogging the whole of last week, I haven't been active sports wise this year," Sange confirmed, leaving me wondering how she keeps her 'hour glass' structure in shape.

Sange sees her self married in the next 11 years with a stable life and a stable income. When I asked about the ideal husband she wasn't too fussy on appearances, stating only that he mustn't be obese. "I want someone on the same intellectual level as me, someone who'll make me laugh and definitely make me happy," she said, also adding that she recently started seeing someone..tough luck fellaz.

"Keep viewing this blog!" was her first message to the viewers out there and BWA couldn't agree more..."Women need to work hard for themselves so that they can depend on themselves to make a success of their lives. It's high time we stopped depending on men to further our lives, we must show them that they are our equals," Sange closed off.

The BWA team was in agreement that Sange deserves 5 stars out of 5.. well done MaMg


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Asanda Songelwa

MY OH MY!! Beautiful Women Appreciation is back ladies and gentlemen and what better way to kick start off the blog then with the adorable Miss CPUT herself, Asanda Songelwa!

Born and raised in the former Transkei, the oh so beautiful Asanda matriculated at Butterworth High school and she is currently studying Financial Information Systems at CPUT.

The impression the BWA team got from the down-to-earth Asa while interviewing her was that of an ambitious young lady who knows what she wants in life and is determined to work for it.

In the near future, this angel sees herself as a successful accountant or CFO, "If God agrees with a family in a warm home. One day I'd like to be a face of a company and an ambassador in the modelling industry, encouraging young girls to believe in themselves," she told us. See what I meant when I say she knows what she wants..?

On the boyfriend/husband department, Asa isn't too fussy on the looks, a notable exception being that he has to be tall. That shouldn't fool fellas out there into thinking that she doesn't know what she wants... "Firstly he'll have to be a God fearing person," said Asa, certainly eliminating a large chunk of potential hopefuls in the process.

"He must be sensitive and have dreams as big as mine. He must be someone who doesn't have impossible in his vocabulary and he must be gentle, humble and approachable," she continued. Right about now you're probably thinking she's done neh? Well think again.

"He must be serious about life and must definitely be working towards achieving his goals. He must be fashionable of-course (she giggles in the process) and lastly, he must be someone who when I look at him, I see myself," she added.

Asa doesn't go out much, adding that she attends birthdays and graduation parties but you'll usually find her at a movie cinema.

In closing, this angel had a few words of encouragement for the lady bloggers, "Ladies open your eyes, you are not made up of those words that hurt you or that number on that scale. Look at your soul and see the true beauty you are. Love yourself because you are worth it,"

The BWA team was in full agreement that this lady deserves an undisputed 5 stars out of 5.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tamara Tutu

Out of this world beauty and a down to earth, charming personality to match...that's the overall impression the B.W.A team got from the adorable Tamara 'Tamtot' Tutu. The Voodoo lounge once again played host to the chat B.W.A had with Tara, that's the name her friends call her by. We at B.W.A gave her a nickname of our own...'Tiara'...befitting a princess such as herself. The 19 year old Tiara comes from East London, she is currently doing her second year in Psychology at the University of Fort-hare and aspires to become a clinical psychologist one day. When we asked her how she thought her friends perceived her, she said they think she's a bit of a 'diva' sometimes,"Uhm most of my friends think I'm dramatic(giggles), they say that I can be a little too much sometimes, but overall I'm fun, I'm outgoing and I like conversing with people" confessed Tamara. She doesn't have any 'sporty' hobbies so she likes being with her friends, watching movies and going out. She does go out clubbing and she likes places that have a great vibe so you could find this angel ekasi just as long as there are lots of people that she knows and she feels safe,"There must be lots of people that I know so that when I get into trouble I'll be like 'hey there buddy, woza laa'" Tiara told us with giggles in between. This angel doesn't drink alcohol though, she just goes out to have fun and dance with her friends,"I just get a coke or an energy drink and dance with my girls". In ten years time Tamara sees herself married with three children having a stable career somewhere in psychology, "I sometimes see myself somewhere in the media world but then I think arggg.."...we reckon with such overwhelming beauty and her brains, she could go far in media, don't you reckon? We then went on to talk about the husband,"He must be taller than I am, a few years older than me maybe 5 or so and he must be respectful, kind,loving and to just be a great guy" Tiara told us,"he must be just someone I can relate with, i can vibe with and there should not be too many fights between us". She went on to tell us that she isn't to looks at all, if the guy happens to have looks then that's just a bonus but if she were to go for looks she'd want someone tall, light complexion,"I want my babies too be beautiful!" she added, laughing it off. Her message for the bloggers was simple and straight forward,"What's important is being yourself, as soon as you start realizing that you are unique, you are special, you are different and accept your differences, you will be a better person and you'll be at peace with yourself and the world". Everyone one on the B.W.A rating panel gave Tiara over 5 stars out of far so B.W.A gives Tiara a well deserved 6 stars out of 5!! Feel free to give your comments and ratings

Friday, 22 November 2013

Sivenathi Sitinga

Fresh to Death with a bubbly, charming nature!! That's the impression we got from the adorable Sive. The Voodoo lounge once again hosted the B.W.A conversation with the street smart, kasi lady. UmaMjwarha lo comes from Zphunzane loc, a kasi on the out skirts of East London. She is currently studying marketing at W.S.U, doing her second year, and she stays in East London. Her bubbly personality was strongly felt throughout the interview,"Ndingu Sivenathi Sitinga ONDWEBILEYO, I'm very talkative, I love travelling and I love having a good time. I have a crazy personality and it even shows in the way I dress sometimes. I'm the type of girl that when in the mood, I just rock a bra and a skirt the whole day and go wherever I want to go" Sive confessed. "I have reduced my partying ways a lot this year though I must admit, but otherwise there's nothing that I enjoyed like a good party. My scenes were Mnguni's, Turnbull and Rhythm Devine". We then went to talk about her future aspirations and where she sees herself in the future..."I really don't know what exactly I'll be doing in ten years but what I know is that I'll be successful. I'll be living in my own house with no husband, no children and driving my own car, the car will be the latest Audi obviously" said Sive. "I will eventually get married but not in the near future though". When we discussed the husband, she said she wants a tall, thin guy whose average skin color in complexion, he must be able to sing but not be able to dance,"I don't want any ladies who will fancy him on the dance floor kalok". The boyfriend must have similar characteristics as the husband but she added that he must be a smart dresser who is hairy,"He must have that manliness in him and sense of pride, he mustn't be a push over!" Sive added with a charming grin on her face. On cheating she believes that a guy can do what he wants to do on the side, as long as she never finds out. She doesn't believe cheating is a good thing though. Her final words for the bloggers were,"Know yourself and where you're headed. know that whatever decisions you make now will affect you in the future. If you booze and have casual sex all the time, you will have AIDS" The B.WA team gives Sive 3 stars out of 5...Feel free to give your comments and ratings.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Still to come on B.W.A!!!

Tina Maliwa

Picture perfect smile with a down to earth, humbling personality!! Tina Maliwa comes from Idutywa in the Eastern Cape and even she considers herself a shy person at times. "I only chat to people when I'm approached and I enjoy having a laugh," said Tina and the B.W.A team agrees because we had tons of laughter conducting this interview. Tina is currently studying Civil Engineering at W.S.U and in the future she hopes to work in Durban at Transnet on the transport side of things,"By then I want to be married with 1 kid, owning a huge house with my mini cooper!". We then went on to discuss the husband and see the type of guy she wants to marry. "He must be a nice person, not arrogant and he must be down to earth, he must love kids and he must adore me. I want someone who won't control me on money matters and he must be a God fearing person. He must be a non-smoker, non-drinker and he mustn't love soccer, well at least not as much as me" says the girl who herself was a mid-fielder for her primary school soccer team. She isn't into the looks side of things but she did add that the guy must be taller than her, skinny with beautiful hands. If you want to win Tina's heart, B.W.A will tell you now that you have to be super romantic! On the boyfriend side of things Tina doesn't want a popular guy,"I want someone who's going to make me happy. I want someone who'll take me to the movies or to the beach twice a month and on valentines day he must be with me the whole day. Valentines day must start with a morning gift and we must enjoy it together the whole day, go to the movies, play games and take a long walk from Hemingways to Southern-wood(where she stays)" added Tina. She doesn't go out clubbing at all and she only experimented with alcohol once in her life. Her message for the bloggers was,"Make yourself happy before you consider other people because if you're happy then you can make others happy as well. Respect yourself and love people". The B.W.A team gave Tina 4 stars out of 5...Feel free to leave your comments and ratings

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nelly Interviewed

B.W.A finally managed to set up an interview with the Mthatha born Nelisa Qangule. We had a great time interviewing the bubbly and ambitious Nelly. uMazulu was born on September, 1990. She currently stays in East London where she's completing her studies, working for Beat Magazine, being a radio personality and also working in the modeling world. Phew! No wonder it proved difficult to set up this interview. This was her reply when we asked her how she perceives her self,"I'm an outgoing person, charismatic enthusiastic, ambitious, a fashionista, feminist, optimistic and my friends say I'm confident and have a bubbly personality", and we reckon her friends are spot on, she does have a bubbly and cute personality. In the near future this career driven lady sees herself as a media/television personnel. Her goals are firmly set on being a fashion icon, a t.v presenter and a businesswoman, owning her own clothing label and modeling agency. We, at B.W.A, believe that this ambitious lady has what it takes to achieve all her dreams. With her beauty, which has seen her enter numerous beauty pageants and come back with several different titles, and her drive and passion for what she does, its only a matter of time before her dreams become reality. She gave us a bit of a laugh when we asked her if she drinks,"Hell no I don't do alcohol period! Ndinxila ndingaselanga so adding it would make me lose it period!". She doesn't club and attends only special events such as fashion shows, beauty pageants, music videos or big events like the SATMAS. We then went on to talk about relationships. "I want someone who'll treat me right, with love, respect and make me happy plus his personality must be good. Then the rest(looks) is a bonus" she said, adding that"obviously first impressions count, that is looks, but they're not the only thing I look for in a guy". Nelly left strong motivational words for the bloggers,"Never give up on your dreams. Winners never quit and quitters never win", strong words from the sweet Nelly. The B.W.A team gave Nelly an outstanding 5 stars out of 5. Feel free to give your comments and ratings of Nelly