Thursday, 6 November 2014

Asanda Songelwa

MY OH MY!! Beautiful Women Appreciation is back ladies and gentlemen and what better way to kick start off the blog then with the adorable Miss CPUT herself, Asanda Songelwa!

Born and raised in the former Transkei, the oh so beautiful Asanda matriculated at Butterworth High school and she is currently studying Financial Information Systems at CPUT.

The impression the BWA team got from the down-to-earth Asa while interviewing her was that of an ambitious young lady who knows what she wants in life and is determined to work for it.

In the near future, this angel sees herself as a successful accountant or CFO, "If God agrees with a family in a warm home. One day I'd like to be a face of a company and an ambassador in the modelling industry, encouraging young girls to believe in themselves," she told us. See what I meant when I say she knows what she wants..?

On the boyfriend/husband department, Asa isn't too fussy on the looks, a notable exception being that he has to be tall. That shouldn't fool fellas out there into thinking that she doesn't know what she wants... "Firstly he'll have to be a God fearing person," said Asa, certainly eliminating a large chunk of potential hopefuls in the process.

"He must be sensitive and have dreams as big as mine. He must be someone who doesn't have impossible in his vocabulary and he must be gentle, humble and approachable," she continued. Right about now you're probably thinking she's done neh? Well think again.

"He must be serious about life and must definitely be working towards achieving his goals. He must be fashionable of-course (she giggles in the process) and lastly, he must be someone who when I look at him, I see myself," she added.

Asa doesn't go out much, adding that she attends birthdays and graduation parties but you'll usually find her at a movie cinema.

In closing, this angel had a few words of encouragement for the lady bloggers, "Ladies open your eyes, you are not made up of those words that hurt you or that number on that scale. Look at your soul and see the true beauty you are. Love yourself because you are worth it,"

The BWA team was in full agreement that this lady deserves an undisputed 5 stars out of 5.

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