Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nelly Interviewed

B.W.A finally managed to set up an interview with the Mthatha born Nelisa Qangule. We had a great time interviewing the bubbly and ambitious Nelly. uMazulu was born on September, 1990. She currently stays in East London where she's completing her studies, working for Beat Magazine, being a radio personality and also working in the modeling world. Phew! No wonder it proved difficult to set up this interview. This was her reply when we asked her how she perceives her self,"I'm an outgoing person, charismatic enthusiastic, ambitious, a fashionista, feminist, optimistic and my friends say I'm confident and have a bubbly personality", and we reckon her friends are spot on, she does have a bubbly and cute personality. In the near future this career driven lady sees herself as a media/television personnel. Her goals are firmly set on being a fashion icon, a t.v presenter and a businesswoman, owning her own clothing label and modeling agency. We, at B.W.A, believe that this ambitious lady has what it takes to achieve all her dreams. With her beauty, which has seen her enter numerous beauty pageants and come back with several different titles, and her drive and passion for what she does, its only a matter of time before her dreams become reality. She gave us a bit of a laugh when we asked her if she drinks,"Hell no I don't do alcohol period! Ndinxila ndingaselanga so adding it would make me lose it period!". She doesn't club and attends only special events such as fashion shows, beauty pageants, music videos or big events like the SATMAS. We then went on to talk about relationships. "I want someone who'll treat me right, with love, respect and make me happy plus his personality must be good. Then the rest(looks) is a bonus" she said, adding that"obviously first impressions count, that is looks, but they're not the only thing I look for in a guy". Nelly left strong motivational words for the bloggers,"Never give up on your dreams. Winners never quit and quitters never win", strong words from the sweet Nelly. The B.W.A team gave Nelly an outstanding 5 stars out of 5. Feel free to give your comments and ratings of Nelly

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