Friday, 1 November 2013

Zikhona Mbananga

uMaMsuthukazi lo hails from Tsolo in the Eastern Cape. She's currently stays in East London, doing her B-tech in journalism at W.S.U and she works at Beat magazine. The B.W.A team met up with her at the vodoo lounge and had a chat with this angel. We can tell you now that Zikhona is really one of a kind with a very down to earth personality. She too has the same views about herself, "I'm not the energetic type but I adapt easily with people. I don't really like talking to strangers and I don't really socialize that much". She only goes out on special events and those that she's invited to. She did name a few, mentioning the Mthatha Heritage, Jazz Festival and the SATMAZ. "I don't club, I've never indulged on alcohol before and I don't intend to. I do want to try marijuana though just to experience the 'high'". Fellaz who are connected, hook a sister up! On a more serious note though she sees her self owning a beauty spar in the near future. She's not thinking about marriage yet but she would love her kids to grow up with a family structure. On the relationship side she wants someone with brains(that certainly eliminates a large number of hopeful contenders for her love). "I don't care much about appearances. He must respect me, love me and must be on the same level as me. Angxibe kakhle abukeke! A non-smoker who is a bit tall.". This angel had a few words of encouragement for the bloggers..."If you want to be appreciated, first appreciate yourself. Don't live for someone live for yourself. Be yourself and own it!" The B.W.A team gave this angel an unquestioned 5 stars out of 5!! Feel free to give your ratings and comments


  1. Ooooohhh I give a Four.....she's one of the Beautiful calm and respectd young woman I've met....I love her personality!

  2. I agree with you 100% Lele. She's one in a million

  3. wise and beautiful WOMAN..............