Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tina Maliwa

Picture perfect smile with a down to earth, humbling personality!! Tina Maliwa comes from Idutywa in the Eastern Cape and even she considers herself a shy person at times. "I only chat to people when I'm approached and I enjoy having a laugh," said Tina and the B.W.A team agrees because we had tons of laughter conducting this interview. Tina is currently studying Civil Engineering at W.S.U and in the future she hopes to work in Durban at Transnet on the transport side of things,"By then I want to be married with 1 kid, owning a huge house with my mini cooper!". We then went on to discuss the husband and see the type of guy she wants to marry. "He must be a nice person, not arrogant and he must be down to earth, he must love kids and he must adore me. I want someone who won't control me on money matters and he must be a God fearing person. He must be a non-smoker, non-drinker and he mustn't love soccer, well at least not as much as me" says the girl who herself was a mid-fielder for her primary school soccer team. She isn't into the looks side of things but she did add that the guy must be taller than her, skinny with beautiful hands. If you want to win Tina's heart, B.W.A will tell you now that you have to be super romantic! On the boyfriend side of things Tina doesn't want a popular guy,"I want someone who's going to make me happy. I want someone who'll take me to the movies or to the beach twice a month and on valentines day he must be with me the whole day. Valentines day must start with a morning gift and we must enjoy it together the whole day, go to the movies, play games and take a long walk from Hemingways to Southern-wood(where she stays)" added Tina. She doesn't go out clubbing at all and she only experimented with alcohol once in her life. Her message for the bloggers was,"Make yourself happy before you consider other people because if you're happy then you can make others happy as well. Respect yourself and love people". The B.W.A team gave Tina 4 stars out of 5...Feel free to leave your comments and ratings

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