Wednesday, 23 October 2013

She's Fresh... She's out of the box... She's W.S.U's Miss Freshette!!! We certainly had fun interviewing this beauty. Her name ofcourse is Qhama Nokwali but her friends call her Que..."I'm come from Umthatha eMbhuqe Extention, I'm currently studying Broadcasting at W.S.U and hopefully I'll be doing Journalism next year at W.S.U". I'm sure the Journalism fellaz will be waiting in anticipation. This adorable lady has dreams of being a TV personality one day and perfect job would be presenting Top Billing, that won't be difficult for this angel don't you agree guys? When asked if she parties she was quick to reply, saying "Yes ofcourse!!" then laughing it off with a naughty grin all over her face. She drinks sometimes and her favourite joints are Numbers and BarCulture. We then went on to talk about relationships, oh that was soooo interesting. "He must be the Lunga Tshabalala type of guy, the one from Selimathunzi," she said with a love struck look in her eyes. "Abemhle! He must be loving but he mustn't love me too much, afterall I'm still young so I can't be committed to one relationship." added the 18 year old beauty. Her final word for the bloggers were,"There's nothing that beats a person with morals. Be yourself, love yourself and believ in yourself". Beautiful words from a beautiful woman. The B.W.A team gives her 4 stars out of 5!! Your comments and ratings are welcome.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nelisa Qangule

My oh my!! We met up with Nelly at the Voodoo lounge in W.S.Us' journalism department. We had a brief discussion with her and she gave us a brief profile about herself... "I'm currently doing my B-tech in Journalism and I'm a general writer for Beat Mag. I'm a fashionista, I have mega love for it and I'm in a relationship with God"... This was just a general discussion bloggers, the B.W.A team will be conducting a proper interview with her and we'll be publishing more pictures of this beautiful lady. We've also got a long string of interviews that have been conducted, including W.S.Us Ms Freshe, so keep blogging to get to know these lovely ladies. . . Follow "Beautiful Women Appreciation" to appreciate natures creation at best!!!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Khanya Zamancuthu Maxim!!!

Khanya Zamancuthu Maxim!!! This adorable lady is a Hospitality student at W.S.U. The Beautifu Women Appreciation team met up with her at her campus while she was in the company of her friends. Her beauty attracted us and we had to find out if her beauty matched her personallity. This is what she had to say for herself. . . "I'm Khanya but my friends call me Khania, I come from Fort Beaufort but I'm currently studying in East London. I'm a hospitallity student and in 10 years time I see myself owning my own hotel". Wow beautiful and ambitious, the lobola will certainly be costly for this lady! When asked about her guy preferences she said that to her appearances aren't really important, what really matters is the guys personallity. She did mention though that she isn't attracted by "chubby" guys so fellas it would be adviced to hit the gym if you want to attract Kania. She doesn't mind a chubby guy though if the dude has the personallity she likes in a guy. She's not much of a party girl, infact she doesn't drink or go out. She's a dedicated church goer and is attached to her spirituality. Out of 5 stars, the B.W.A team gives her a well deserved 4 stars!!! Your comments and ratings for Kania are welcome!